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Rare Earth Farm is a 20-acre vegetable and fruit farm in northern Ozaukee County serving local area communities in southeastern Wisconsin.

Our subscription program features customizable weekly deliveries of vegetables and fruits coming direct from our farm to your household starting in mid-June. Customization is achieved by a software program we use called "Harvie" To read more about how Harvie works and what it does to offer a greater CSA experience click on this link "Harvie explained"

Over the course of a 20 week delivery season members receive a wide assortment of over twenty different kinds of vegetables and a few favorite Wisconsin grown fruits.

In the last thirty years we have developed and refined our farming methods in order to produce high quality food in a sustainable and ecologically sound manner. We are not certified organic; however everything that is used in our growing practices is on the USDA's national list of approved materials for organic production. A greater focus towards improving soil health is achieved by growing cover crops and producing our own compost. With almost one quarter acre of greenhouses we are able to include items into our deliveries that normally are not harvestable during earlier and later times of the year.

In our on-going effort to provide a program that offers greater flexibility in what our members receive we use a software platform that allows members to customize their weekly deliveries. Other unique features within the software’s capability provide our members with flexible scheduling for vacations, and a variety of payment options that make it easy to fit your family food budget.

Discover new vegetables and expand your culinary skills this summer with a subscription from Rare Earth Farm. We welcome the return of all past participants as well as new members looking for an adventurous lesson in eating well.


Rare Earth Farm

6806 Hwy KW

Belgium, WI 53004
Phone/Fax 262-285-7070

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email: rareearthfarm@gmail.com

website: www.RareEarthFarm.com