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RARE EARTH FARM  is located about thirty miles north of Milwaukee off Hwy. 43 in Belgium Wisconsin.

The farm has been dedicated to growing food for individual families and supplying local upscale restaurants since 1990. CSA, aka “Community Supported Agriculture” forms an active partnership between the farmer and consumer.  

OUR PHILOSOPHY in growing vegetables on our 20 acres is based upon using methods that are both rejuvenating to our soil, and beneficial in some way to the overall ecology of our farm. With our practices we use little or no chemical inputs for crop protection, and soil fertility. Eating food grown without the use of chemicals harmful to humans and to the life in the soil is extremely important.

Although our farm is not "certified organic" all techniques and the materials we use are in compliance with USDA's NOP (National Organic Program).
The primary emphasis to our practices is an organic style of farming and is augmented with methods associated with what is considered a "biological" approach to farming. Soil testing, composting, cover crops, adding soil amendments, and integrated pest management (IPM) are all used in part to a better and more natural approach to farming. With 30 years of serving as stewards to our land, we take a great concern to our soils. The result in doing that yields some of the highest quality food that compares to the delicious produce you would harvest from your own backyard garden. 

We're always at liberty to share more information about our farming practices. Simply send us an email with your questions.

About the Farmer

Gardens were a staple in Steve’s life ever since he was old enough to toddle around on his own two legs. His father introduced him to the art via a backyard garden that provided produce for the whole family.  Eating from a garden continued through college and became a shared endeavor with his roommates.  As vegetarians during the 70s this was the way to go—the items of convenience that can now be found to fit any diet were not available. While the vegetarian lifestyle eventually faded the growing of his own food blossomed, no matter if he was teaching tech. ed. during his early career days or later on working as a mechanical engineer.

Rare Earth CSA’s first season was 1990. It started small, secondary to Steve’s day job, and served mostly friends and family. The interest in CSA grew and full-time farming called strongly to Steve so 26 years ago he quit his corporate job and never looked back. The farm business has always focused on CSA but is now including local up-scale restaurants.


Farmer Steve

Our Commitment


As stewards of our land we dedicate much of our time and energy towards building a healthy relationship with our soils. Equally important in our work is building and maintaining a strong connection with the people who eat our food. It is our constant commitment to uphold these values so in order to guarantee our customers will receive the highest quality of produce. 

The following guidelines are the bonding principles that will assure the survival of the farmer to consumer relationship.

A national charter agreement to unify our cause has been created and designed to preserve, and improve everyone's access to fresh, wholesome, and true locally grown food.

We pledge to uphold our part in this accord.


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Rare Earth Farm

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