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Weekly newsletters throughout the delivery season are published on this page in PDF format for personal web viewing and printing. What's in this weeks delivery, farm production updates, special on-farm event notices, and recipes are what you'll find inside each newsletter. Click on the hyperlink below to view the most recent publication. If you can't open a pdf file go to and download the latest free reader.



                     Date                                      PDF files (Printable)


                        January 2017                  Newsletters_files/January2017.pdf


                February 2017                Newsletters_files/February2017.pdf


                March 2017                    Newsletters_files/March17.pdf


                April 2017                      Newsletters_files/April17.pdf


                May - June 2017             Newsletters_files/June17.pdf


                June 15th 2017              Newsletters_files/June1517.pdf


                June 22nd 2017              Newsletters_files/June2217.pdf


                        June 29th 2017              Newsletters_files/June2917.pdf


                July 6th 2017                 Newsletters_files/July617.pdf


                July 13th 2017               Newsletters_files/July1317.pdf


                July 20th 2017               Newsletters_files/July2017.pdf


                July 27th 2017               Newsletters_files/July2717.pdf


                August 3rd 2017             Newsletters_files/August317.pdf


                August 10th 2017           Newsletters_files/August1017.pdf


                August 17th 2017           Newsletters_files/August1717.pdf


                August 24th 2017           Newsletters_files/August2417.pdf


                August 31st 2017           Newsletters_files/August3117.pdf


                September 7th 2017       Newsletters_files/September717.pdf


                September 14th 2017     Newsletters_files/September1417.pdf


                September 21st 2017     Newsletters_files/September2117.pdf


                September 28th 2017     Newsletters_files/September2817.pdf


                October 5th 2017           Newsletters_files/October517.pdf


                October 12th 2017         Newsletters_files/October1217.pdf


                October 26th 2017         Newsletters_files/October2617.pdf


                November 9th 2017        Newsletters_files/November917.pdf


                November 22nd 2017      Newsletters_files/November2217.pdf


                December 2017              Newsletters_files/December17.pdf




                January 2018                 Newsletters_files/January18.pdf


                February 2018                Newsletters_files/February18.pdf


                March 2018                    Newsletters_files/March18.pdf


                April 2018                      Newsletters_files/April18.pdf


                May 2018                       Newsletters_files/May18.pdf























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