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Program Information

HARVESTING BEGINS in mid-June. There are 19 weekly deliveries scheduled throughout the season which continue until the end of October. Each delivery youíll receive a box filled with a variety of freshly picked vegetables. The box typically is packed with enough food to suit an average household of two to four people for the week. The early deliveries in the year are typically lighter in weight and volume with the amounts and selection of produce increasing as the season progresses. Occasionally the selection, the amount, or availability time for certain crops will be affected by unpredictable weather. Approximate harvest times of the different vegetables and herbs are shown on the "Produce Selection" page.



VEGETABLES, and EGGS are delivered each Thursday to convenient locations from Sheboygan to Milwaukee. Itís the responsibility of each member to come and pick up their box on the scheduled delivery day.

Addresses of all pick up locations are included with an emailed confirmation letter youíll receive when you sign up. New sites may be added if there is the need. Available pick up sites are currently in the following communities:

Bayview - Residence

Belgium - Rare Earth Farm

Fox Point - Residence

Grafton - Residence

Kenosha - Residence

Milwaukee, East side - Community Center

Port Washington - Business

Sheboygan - Residence

Shorewood - Residence

Wauwatosa - Residence

Waukesha - Residence


Eggs can be purchased for either weekly or bi-weekly deliveries. The eggs 100% "certified organic" are produced on another Wisconsin farm that we've partnered with to offer you the freshest eggs possible. The hens are free range and have access to the outdoors.


    Vegetable Shares:


       -Membership share cost is $650.00

    Egg Shares:

      -19 dozen, delivered every week - $95.00

      -10 dozen, delivered every other week - $50.00


 Payment Options:

    Check or Cash: Either pay in full or in two installments. 1st half due immediately, 2nd half due May 31st

    Credit or Debit: Payments can be made in full, or in three separate transactions. A down payment of 40% of your total purchase is due immediately on sign-up

    and the last two payments of 30% each occur on May31st and July 31st.


                                         -Credit Cards accepted





     All membership fees received are non-refundable.



        * Memberships may still be available after the deadline date listed above. Call, or e-mail us for possible openings

          after those dates.

Click here to purchase a 2019 subscription.



Rare Earth Farm

6806 Hwy KW

Belgium, WI 53004
Phone/Fax 262-285-7070

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email: rareearthfarm@frontier.com

website: www.RareEarthFarm.com