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2019 Season Calendar


    *The following calendar is the delivery schedule we expect to follow for the season. The first actual delivery date may be delayed if weather affects our spring planting schedule. Any revisions to this calendar will be posted on this website. The column on the right of this page lists only a sample of a few items that will appear in the boxes during each month. For a full line of vegetables and fruits offered see the harvest chart on the "Produce Selection" page.


Egg share members pay special attention to the dates for picking up eggs. If you are a bi-weekly egg share member take notice that you receive your first dozen on June 20th and then alternate weeks thereafter. Print this calendar and post it at home for your convenience.



  20th Weekly and Bi-weekly egg shares

27th Weekly egg shares only

 What to Expect in the June Deliveries


  Lettuce                       Snap Peas

  Pole Beans              Spinach                   

   Radishes                     Kale



4th  No delivery for Holiday

11th Weekly and Bi-weekly egg shares

18th Weekly egg shares only

25th Weekly and Bi-weekly egg shares

What to Expect in the July Deliveries

  Strawberries              Snap Peas

 Carrots                           Lettuce

  Cucumbers                   Tomatoes         

  Beets                               Garlic   

  Kohlrabi                         Turnips           

  Cilantro                           Scallions



1st Weekly egg shares only

8th  Weekly and Bi-weekly egg shares

15th Weekly egg shares only

22nd Weekly and Bi-weekly egg shares

29th Weekly egg shares only


What to Expect in the August Deliveries

Summer Squash             Beets

 Tomatoes                         Peppers

  Lettuce/Salad Mix    Onions/Shallots

 Carrots                               Radicchio

Green Beans                     



5th Weekly and Bi-weekly egg shares

12th Weekly egg shares only

19th Weekly and Bi-weekly egg shares

26th Weekly egg shares only

What to Expect in the September Deliveries

Sweet corn                  Watermelon

Apples                            Potatoes                                                  Onions                          Spinach

Rutabaga                      Pepper

Muskmelon                   Tomatoes   

Cabbage                       Arugula




3rd  Weekly and Bi-weekly egg shares

10th  Weekly egg shares only

17th  Weekly and Bi-weekly egg shares 

 24th  Weekly egg shares only


  31st Weekly and Bi-weekly egg shares 

             (Last delivery for the season)


What to Expect in the October Deliveries

Broccoli                        Brussels Sprouts

Kale                                 Parsnips

Carrots                         Leeks

Onions                          Winter Squash

Potatoes                      Cauliflower 

Bok Choy                   Beets

Celery Root               Spinach





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